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about faversham

We are a boutique olive oil producer and are proud of our high quality extra virgin olive oil. Faversham olives are grown on a sunny Marlborough hillside and our olive oil is hand crafted with care in the time-honoured artisan way. Our award-winning olive oil is produced in small quantities and is full flavoured.





Faversham Olive Grove sits in a quintessential Marlborough setting, high on a ridge in the Omaka Valley overlooking vineyards to the distant ocean. These clay hills are dry, sun-baked and windy, and the trees thrive here. Our strong healthy Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino trees grow without irrigation or sprays, and are fertilised naturally courtesy of sheep grazing the grove after harvest.

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harvest & production

Our olives are harvested by hand in June and are pressed locally within 48 hours, ensuring Faversham Olive Oil is always absolutely extra virgin and is as fresh as possible.

Just as olives have been harvested around the world for centuries, at Faversham our friends, neighbours and family gather for harvest weekend. Hard work is balanced with great company and plenty of delicious food and wine. Laughter and satisfaction bring our harvesters back year after year.

The olives are picked by hand, raked onto large ground nets spread under each tree and then carefully gathered up into small bins. This gentle handling ensures a clean undamaged crop which produces a high quality artisan olive oil.

Once pressed the olive oil is stored in small stainless steel tanks in our cellar before being bottled and labelled by hand.

As a small boutique olive oil producer we have a limited volume so we care for our crop every step of the way, resulting in a distinctive high quality product. 




our olive oil

All Faversham Olive Oil is absolutely Extra Virgin. It is grown and produced by hand, sustainably and with love. We were delighted that our oil was awarded a Silver Medal at the 2017 Olives NZ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards, the first time we had entered the awards, and we have maintained that standard with further Silver Medals in 2018 and 2019.

Faversham Olive Oil is produced from Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino trees that thrive on our windy clay hillside in the Marlborough sun.

The oil expresses this terroir and is full flavoured.

to purchase faversham olive oil

Please use our contact form below to place your order.

Faversham Olive Oil is available in 250ml and 500ml bottles, 1 litre stainless steel cans or bulk in 5 litre plastic containers. We are currently selling oil from the 2019 harvest.

Olive oil should be stored in a cool dark place. Some sediment may be evident in the bottle if left to stand for a time. This is because we don’t filter Faversham Olive Oil as we believe this adds to the texture and flavour of the oil. 

Enjoy Faversham olive oil...

  • drizzled over salads or steamed vegetables

  • sloshed over pasta with a grind of black pepper and some grated parmesan

  • dunked with fresh crusty bread with a sprinkling of flaky sea salt

  • whizzed up with a handful of green herbs and garlic to make a tasty pesto dip, spread or topping

Use generously and enjoy the flavour of Marlborough!




Please contact us if you would like to order Faversham Extra Virgin Olive Oil or if you have any questions for us. Thank you very much!